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Patient from Sussex testimonial continued.............

By the time I saw Andrea I had also suffered for some 4 -5 years from discomfort after sexual activity and frequent bouts of cystitis and thrush, which became quite distressing at times. It also negatively impacted my sex life and confidence. Eventually I started to experiment with a number of over-the-counter products to address vaginal dryness and found a combination that worked. Having found out that one of the hyaluronic acid gel preparations was available on prescription I decided to request a repeat prescription from my GP (spending up to £40 a month plus just on those preparations seemed expensive).

This visit signalled a turning point for me as my GP prescribed oestrogen containing topical treatments for my vaginal discomfort, which after some research I was not sure were advisable long-term. Clincial studies using these products were only done for up to 3 years. I also was not sure if I would have a ‘rebound effect’ once I had to wean myself off the hormone preparations after using them for some time. I was afraid to find myself with a worse problem later on. I also did not feel ready to go this hormone treatment route. My mind was made and I decided to look up a herbalist in the hope that I could get some expert advice on herbal alternatives for my menopause related symptoms.

Andrea has exceeded all my expectations. I am now taking a liquid herbal mixture twice a day since my first visit to the Willow Herb Clinic. Now my hot flushes are a thing of the past. They stopped about three weeks after starting to take it. Andrea also prepared a Menopause cream for my vaginal discomfort and I purchased a second pot which was an improved formula adding hyaluronic acid. I use the latter exclusively after sex to help maintain the delicate skin and mucous membranes. Although I still have to be careful to manage my sex life, because I am very delicate in this area and always have been, the cost for the creams has been approx. £14 in 6 months. This is less than I was expecting to pay for my repeat prescriptions. In six months I suffered thrush once and have had no cystitis, before they were monthly occurrences.

The herbal mix for the hot flushes costs £33 per month and I feel it is worth every penny. No side-effects at all and I know that I am taken care of in a holistic manner with my immune system and nervous system also being supported in addition to the hormonal balance. I have had one period after being absent for approx. 8 months and I feel on top of the world. I used to get one very good week out of four when I was menstruating…I am now on a good week every week!!! Thank you Andrea for the expert knowledge, expertise and excellent service you provide!!! I am indeed a very grateful client and wish other women who also are journeying through their peri-menopause and menopause could benefit as much as I did from herbal medicine. Sadly, too many of us suffer in silence, not knowing where to turn for expert advice – the reason why I decided to write this very personal testimonial.
Client from Sussex.


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